Card Swipe and QR Access System

leading system since 2008 and used by over 500 lodges across the US and Canada!

We worked hand in hand with Moose International during the development and expansion of our moose key card access system. It accepts the new membership cards with QR and mobile app. They have tested and proofed the systems at local test sites with excellent results.

With software written proprietary for Moose Lodges, members can use their current membership card or mobile app to gain entry. Organizations do not need to purchase, distribute, or keep track of additional cards. If your lodge has our system, any member from any lodge is welcome (only if membership is valid), this makes them feel at home no matter which location they are at.

When a Lodge chooses not to check membership cards, it essentially opens itself up to the public (except for approved Community Service activities; consult the fraternity’s General Laws book), which puts that Lodge and the entire fraternity at risk.

If your Lodge tells you that nonmembers are allowed purchasing privileges because "that’s the way it’s done around here,” or "we have to do it to make ends meet," or "what the Lodge doesn’t know won’t hurt them," you should know that your Lodge is placing its tax-exempt private status in jeopardy.

Why Our Systems Are # 1

14-plus years in the making.

We are available seven days a week! No hidden fees or support contracts.

We use a proprietary encoder/decoder to handle mag stripe and QR code interpretations. This gives us flexibility in design to meet your needs, and it will also ensure future compatibility versus using off-the-shelf encoder/decoder options available in the open-source market. That being said, MGS has total creative control over our product's hardware and software aspects.

With tens of thousands of people using our systems daily, it's guaranteed to work for your organization!