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Magnetic Card Swipe Membership Systems

MGS offers a new sleek small form factor system that can be place almost anywhere or out of sight and with its latest technology and power it’s guaranteed to provide the best performance possible. With a system so easy to install and setup it saves time and money for end user. Our system will work with either electric or magnetic door systems.

With software written proprietary for Moose Lodges, members can use their current membership card. There is no need for organizations to purchase, distribute or keep track of additional cards. If your lodge has our system any member from any lodge is welcome (only if membership is valid) this makes them feel at home.

When a Lodge chooses not to check membership cards, and essentially opens itself up to the public (with the exception of approved Community Service activities, consult the fraternity’s General Laws book), that Lodge puts the entire fraternity at risk.

If your Lodge tells you that nonmembers are allowed purchasing privileges because "that’s the way it’s done around here," or "we’ve have to do it to make ends meet," or "what the Lodge doesn’t know won’t hurt them," you should know that your Lodge is placing its tax-exempt private status in jeopardy.

Why Our Systems Are # 1


"Protects the security and intergrity of your lodge."

"Proven to lower insurance costs from restricting participation from non-members. Inquire with your local LCC or District/Regional Manager."

"With tens of thousands of people swiping their card through our systems daily, it's guarranteed to work for your organization."


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